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Here at SAM Scaffolding LTD Our vast experience and expertise in the field make us unrivaled scaffolding London company when it comes to complex scaffolding structures.

Additionally, we provide our London scaffolding services to the building restoration works and house renovation, house extension, loft coversion, and (temporary) roof works sector.

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Friendly & professional

With more than 20 years of experience, we have good knowledge in the scaffolding London industry.
Furthermore, we ensure to complete projects on time and always within the quoted budget. Above all, our scaffolding company maintains a strict Health & Safety Policy at all times!

  • Re-decoration
  • Roofing
  • Temporary Roof Systems
  • Chimney Access Platforms
  • Shoring Support Scaffolds
  • Access Towers
  • Platform Gantry
  • Internal Birdcages
  • New Builds
  • Mobile Towers
  • System Staircases
  • Confined Spaces
  • Access Bridge Scaffolds
  • 7 Day Scafftag Inspection Services
  • Pavement Licences (all Local Councils)
  • Edge Protection and Handrails
  • Hoist and Lifting Solutions

Scaffolding London Services

Scaffold Solutions

Here at Sam Scaffolding the precision meets reliability and excellence when it comes to scaffolding services. Our trained team of scaffolders in London can cover your scaffolding needs with outmost professionalism for to each project’s unique demands. From commercial scaffolding, industrial or residential scaffolding needs, we provide bespoke London scaffolding solutions, ensuring not just safety but absolute efficiency. 

Commercial Scaffolding

Access Scaffolding

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Residential Scaffolding

Builder's Scaffolding

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Temporary Roofs

Scaffolding Roofs

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Scaffolding Contractors London: Hear from Our Valued Clients


Scaffolding in London: The Process!

Here at Sam Scaffolding LTD we pride ourselves on delivering a simple but efficient scaffolding installation process tailored to meet the unique needs of each scaffolding project. Here’s an overview of our scaffolding London process:

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    Initial Consultation

    We begin with a face-to-face consultation to understand your scaffolding project requirements. We will reach the site and discuss your project's needs and timeline.

  • installtion

    The scaffold Installation Process

    The time frame for this step varies greatly. Smaller erections might take as little as a few hours, while larger domestic or commercial projects could take between 1-3 days.

  • satisfaction

    Making Sure You Are Satisfied

    Upon completing the scaffold erection, we will verify with the customer to ensure complete satisfaction with our work. Once confirmed, the customer will settle the payment, and we will arrange a convenient date and time for dismantling the scaffold.

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Quality London Scaffolding Installation Assurance

Our commitment to quality London scaffolding installation guarantees that your scaffolding will be installed performing the highest industry standards, providing a secure and stable scaffolding platform for your construction or renovation work in London.

  • £10 Million Employer’s Liability

    To show our commitment to security, we maintain a comprehensive £10 million Employer’s Liability insurance policy.

  • £10 Million Public Liability

    At Sam Scaffolding LTD, we ensure your peace of mind by maintaining a robust £10 million public liability insurance policy for all our projects.

  • Risk Assessment

    We conduct risk assessments for every project to identify potential risks and implement effective measures to minimize them.

  • Health & Safety Certificates

    We prioritize the well-being of our clients and team, that’s why we hold all the necessary Health & Safety Certificates, meeting the highest standards.

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London Scaffolding Company Serving All Boroughs


Our commitment to safety, reliability, and collaboration ensures that no matter where your project’s location in London, you can trust us to provide secure and efficient scaffolding solutions.

values we share

Integrity, Trust, Collaboration: One Of The Best Scaffolding Companies London

Integrity: Our values are rooted in honour, morality, and ethical conviction.
Trust: Our clients rely on us to deliver results and trust us to do so.
Collaboration: Working together as a team is key to achieving success.
Passion: We have a strong love and enthusiasm for what we do.
Value Creation: Our goal is to provide a lot of value to every project.

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Quick Answers to Common Questions


  • What is your geographical coverage?

    We proudly offer scaffolding services across all of London. No matter where you are located, we cover all boroughs, ensuring that you receive our expert scaffolding London solutions throughout the entire city.

  • Are your scaffolders in London fully trained?

    Our scaffolders in London and scaffolding laborers are fully trained and regularly undergo health and safety training. Our scaffolding company in London takes pride in our commitment to safe working practices and core values, while also providing excellent development opportunities for our employees.
  • How do I select the ideal scaffolding London company?

    Choosing the right scaffolding company in London is crucial; consider their experience, reputation, and safety record. Seek out scaffolding companies in London with a long-standing presence in the industry and a proven history of completing projects safely and efficiently. Additionally, ask for recommendations from fellow scaffolding contractors and scour online reviews for further insights.

  • What safety measures should scaffolding companies in London take?

    Safety must be the paramount concern for any London scaffolding company. They should ensure that their workers are properly trained and certified, conduct regular safety inspections, and maintain their equipment meticulously. Additionally, having the right insurance to cover any potential accidents or damages on the job is essential.

  • How much does scaffolding in London cost?

    The cost of any scaffolding installation in London can vary depending on the type of scaffolding, the project’s scale, and the timing of the scaffolding is being used. Here at Sam Scaffolding LTD we offer very competitive scaffolding London rates for all our clients. Keeping the client happy is our main goal. Contact us for further information.

  • How long does it take to finish a scaffolding hire?

    The timeline for erecting scaffolding depends on the project’s size and complexity. For our scaffolders in London a simple scaffold tower may get installed within a few hours, while a large industrial scaffolding system could demand several days to finish the project. Engaging in a detailed timeline discussion with the London scaffolding company before starting the scaffold installation is the key to synchronizing expectations and reality.

  • How long can I keep the scaffolding?

    You can have the scaffolding for as long as you need it. We understand that every project has its unique requirements, and we offer flexible scaffolding solutions based on your specific needs. Before we start the scaffolding project, we will discuss all the details, including the estimated duration of use.

  • What if the scaffolding I need must be placed on the public highway?

    If the scaffolding you require needs to be installed on the public highway, we will take care of the licensing process. Scaffolders in London have the right to apply for a local authority street license on behalf of their clients. Our London scaffolding company handle the entire application process, making sure that all requirements are met.